Happy Birthday, Benedict!

19 Jul

Last week, I decided to participate in Batch of Kindness. It was awesome, actually, not mention that so little participate in my ‘mission’ here. Actually, I just love the idea, it reminds me of Benedict, a lot.

I never met him, but somehow I know what kind of man he is, at least I know his best feature. He is a kind of man that say ‘thank you’ more than one time at the same person. He is a man that would listen truly to the one he’s spoken with. He is a man that could give the sweetest smile in the world. He is not perfect, but he is just the best.

That’s why I always try to say thank you to more people than I used to. I used to be a good listener, and I try to always be. I will smile sincerely, even my mood is not pretty good. It’s not because of him I do these, but he reminds me to always do those things, because he looks good when doing those, and people feel good when someone doing those.

I’m not good at saying my thoughts and feels in my limited English. However, I wish the very best for Benedict Cumberbatch for his 38th birthday, and for every day of his life. I wish the best for his career and for his private life.

Last but not least, for my Indonesian fellow. Entah kenapa ya yang komentar cuma tiga orang, padahal page view nya lumayan. Ga masalah sih untukku, cuma saya jadi bingung mau membagikan vouchernya. Jadi, kedua voucher elevenia kuberikan kepada Ren dan kak Riri saja ya, Alvina nanti saya bisikin di belakang, hehe. Thanks anyway, semoga kebaikan yang kalian terima bisa menginspirasi banyak orang.

♥♥Benedict-PeopleMagazine-2013♥♥ - benedict-cumberbatch Photo

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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Benedict!

  1. allen993

    July 19, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    I Cannot Believe That Today Is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Birthday And It Is Wonderful For A Man
    Who Is Turning 38 And I Am Wishing Him Lots Of Good Blessings And Love On His Birthday A
    nd I Am Happy That Benedict Is Now 38 Years Old! Happy Birthday, Mr. Benedict!!!
    PS May Your Wishes Come True?

  2. Riri

    July 20, 2014 at 9:31 AM

    hi Bzee, thank you for the giveaway… 😉
    Happy birthday to Mr. Cumberbatch, I wish him much of happiness as his birthday bring me happiness too… 😀


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